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We are honestly passionate what we do, and it is that belief the one that leads us to exert ourselves daily in order to keep a balance with nature. Thus very high quality fibres are obtained from it so we offer the best product to our customers.


Espartos Santos was born in 1960 with te objective and mission to strengthen, update an keep the use of natural fibres, specifically those made from esparto and sisal, opposing the use of synthetic products.

After more than 50 years, Espartos Santos has placed itself as one of the most highly valued companies in the international context in terms of process and commercialization of its natural fibres made from esparto and sisal.

At present Espartos Santos exports more than the 80% of its production being the building companies its main end use.

Aparto from the natural fibres, Espartos Santos owns a wide range of rope making and plaiting manufactured products.


The natural fibre is a product increasingly more and more demanded by manufacturers and consumers due to its high quality and durability just as to its origin, natural production and nature conservation.

Our processes of manufacturing and manipulation of the fibres are exepmt from the use of any chemical agent since we make constant inspections to guarantee the quality and complete naturalness of our products.

The extraction of the esparto grass is carried out in the hills and the mountains from the eastern coasts of Spain (Region of Murcia and the surroundings), keeping strict controls over its explotation by both the company itself and the several public agents for the conservation and the maintenance of the environment and the regeneration of the ecosystem.

The sisal fibre comes from the existing plantations in the east of the African continent, under the controls of the authorities of origin just like the organisms from the European Union market, wich certify the quality and nature of the product.